Our Products


Here  at Hedge Post Farm, we grow and harvest a variety of products for the retail and wholesale florist, interior designers, and others who want unique products for their customers. We specialize in woody florals, cut perennials, and naturals harvested from the land.

Golden Curls Curly Willow

Our curly willow is full-bodied and often reaches heights of 8 feet before harvest. We harvest the bulk  of our stems in the dormant season and currently have beautiful dried branches. Multiple sizes, to boot. Not a fan of dried? Check  with us about our next harvest of fresh branches.

Pussy Willow

We're  growing an inventory of pussy willow. This year's longest stems  produced as many as 30 to 40 catkins per branch. There will be more  next spring!


We  have pruners and we're not afraid to use them! We keep an eye out for unique branches and naturals suitable for arrangements and decorations.    

Cattails and Lotus Pods

When  Mother Nature allows, we harvest cattails and lotus pods from our  ponds. We have dozens of dried or drying cattails available now, 4 to 6  feet long. We'll spray them to avoid unexpected explosions. Our dried  lotus pods are sold with and without stems.

Native Grasses

The  flora of the Flint Hills is unlike any other, especially the native  grasses of the Tallgrass Prairie. Switchgrass, Big Bluestem, and  Indiangrass all are great fresh cut or dried. Let us help you put the prairie in your designs! Don't be surprised that we have acorn caps,  pine cones, and other naturals. An experience in floral design is always  present when evaluating what can make a desirable product.

We've harvested our first crop of Sea Lavendar, Limonium latifolium, this summer. HUGE dried bunches are available now! 


Our farm is named for the 1930's shelterbelts of Osage-orange (Hedge) trees that edge our property and its use in our fences. Check out the peg puzzles and rock-solid Osage-orange walking sticks made from our trees. 


Most  of our cut items can be sold fresh immediately after harvest for local  customers. Depending on the item, we can ship dried products, with  pickup at the farm an option for larger branches.  Our products may be  found or requested at Flint Hills Floral and Gifts, Council Grove, and  Vintage Gardens, Kistner's Flowers, and AsterHouse Design,  Manhattan.  

Curly willow in the fall.

Curly willow in the fall.