Emily The Cow


It's a pretty special moment in life when one has a chance to bond with an animal. Growing up on a dairy farm gave plenty of opportunities to learn about animals and their personalities. We may have said "dumb animal" when frustrated, but folks, they aren't dumb by any means.

Case in point is Emily.   She was rejected by her mama at birth so we took her home to care for her. The kids bottle fed her way too long and that long attention to her is probably why she acts like we're her people. On more than one occasion, she has protected us from  agitated mama cows when we have been in the pasture grabbing calves to tag and band. Our kids and their friends hopped on her like a horse and she'll come when we call her by name. What a great experience for all of us to know her. 

But don't forget that 99.99% of cattle are not tame and great care should be taken when around any animal. Mama cows become extremely protective after calving, some may not like you anytime, and bulls are never to be trusted.